The beginning of DRG

DRG was established in April 2017, during which Thailand was still governed by the NCPO after the coup d ‘état. DRG intended to be part of bringing Thailand out of dictatorship and restoring democracy, starting with other civic movements demanding elections as “the people want an election group.”

Even though the elections were held in March 2019, the NCPO used the election to sustain its power. DRG continues to work against human rights abuses and end the government’s succession.

We are all involved and affected by politics

Human beings coexist as a society, from a family, a community, to a state or a country. A society has to organize the governance and power allocation to manage social affairs. Politics is the running of a society. On one hand, the governance may reflects and respect the people’s wills, for the best interests of the people, or may be done arbitrarily for a small number of the rulers and their network. The people can ensure the politics can be in the best interests for them by directing and engaging politically in state affairs: elect representatives who respect and accountable to their voices, to balance their power, to demand policies and ideology through their representatives and public affairs channels, and to investigate, to criticize and to resist the use of unjust power.

The change is real

DRG has been part of a network connecting students, workers, civil society, and non-profit organizations working on various social issues. Some of these networks have become key actors in political movements and protests against the Army General Prayut Chan-ocha. From 2020 to 2021, the people has escalated the demands not only to expel the government, but also to prepare a new constitution that is genuinely respect people’s rights and to reform the political institutions that have long been controversial in Thai society.

Some institutions have never been exposed in public before until now. Even though the struggle for the demands has not yet been successful, it has shown a good prospect of reaching the goal in the future.